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Share your approach promoting innovation,safety,sustainable and global

practices at your hospital

Hospital 2020 has established the Hospital 2020 Awards ™ to recognize hospitals that have made a significant commitment to adopt the four initiatives of Hospital 2020 and dedicating the necessary resources to achieve this goal. The award program will showcase the details of the winning hospital’s protocol and implementation plan to help other hospitals enhance their efforts to adopt the tools to become hospitals of the future.

Hospital 2020 is proud to be joined in this new initiative by many organizations that focus on unmet needs and issues related to advancing and transforming hospitals.

The Hospital 2020 Award is an extension of the mission, which regards transformation of hospitals by activating best practices in innovation,safety, sustainability and global interaction.

To nominate your hospital send us details about your initiative and your success story.

Which hospitals are eligible?

All hospitals in the United States and around the world are eligible to be nominated for the Hospital Award. The winning hospital for year 2015 will be announced in December 2015.

Who makes the nomination?

Any of the hospital staff or stakeholders may submit a nomination for the Hospital Award.

What is the deadline for making a nomination?

The deadline is October 23, 2015

Who will select the winning hospital?

A panel of three (4) judges will choose the winning hospital. One judge is an architect and an expert in green buildings and sustainable practices . The second judge is a professor of medicine and director of global programs. The third panel judge is an internationally known urologist and professor of medicine whose research interests include safety in surgical procedures. The forth panel judge is an internationally known cardiologist and professor of medicine who brought many innovative ideas to the field of cardiology.

You can send a request to info@hospital2020.org for your your nomination ballot

     Please email your completed nomination ballot and any supporting documents to




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