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Hospital 2020 is a mission to promote and advocate for the transformation of hospitals worldwide .Established in 2009

as a compassionate project of visionary physicians, administrators and hospital staff that saw the immediate need for change

in hospitals worldwide. They researched successful programs, bundled best practices and produced four essential initiatives for the "Hospital of the Future".

The Hospital 2020 alliance was formed to educate, motivate,and engage hospital's professionals and stakeholders to adopt best practices in safety,sustainability,innovation and global interaction. These practices will increase operational efficiency that improves the health of patients, staff, and the communities around the world. Our mission at Hospital 2020 is promoted through our alliance who will call on hospital's stakeholders from officials,physicians,nurses, health care professionals, payers, insurance companies, vendors, suppliers, regulatory agencies and patients to support and sustain comprehensive efforts in this campaign.

Hospital 2020 is promoting four cornerstones of initiatives that help shape the vision of this mission ,hospital 2020 promotes collaboration among its members to adopt these essential four cornerstones initiatives.

    The four initiatives of Hospital 2020



  Safe Hospital




Green Hospital Initiative



Hospital Initiative



Global Hospital



The goal behind our initiatives is to retool disaster and safety plans, promote the culture of innovation and creativity , empower sustainable practices and green programs  and encourage hospitals to cooperate and work together to exchange ideas and best practices.

A multidisciplinary panel of global health care experts ,vendors and leaders will collaborate to develop new partnerships and cooperation to give hospitals around the world tools empowered by those four initiatives essential to their vision .Used together, the four initiatives will provide hospitals with a process for making fundamental, wide-ranging improvements to their future existence.

In addition, members of Hospital 2020 will work to reduce duplication of efforts and develop a "bank" of best practices through exchanging ideas and highlighting model programs. The alliance also plans to educate their members through seminars and workshops about issues related to safety,innovation,sustainability and global interaction between hospitals and medical centers worldwide.

Hospital 2020 delivers the following services :

  • Promote policies and regulations on making hospitals safe from disasters and unhealthy practices.
  • Lobby with decision makers to incorporate a ‘safe hospital’ programs around the world.
  • Ensuring the availability of essential resources for the hospital's disaster response. 
  • To address environmentally sustainable design practices and construction materials in healthcare.
  • To identify and protect intellectual property rights covering discoveries and inventions in hospitals.
  • To identify appropriate commercial partners to market products covered by the intellectual property rights of hospitals.
  • To create innovative partnerships with industry in order to further research activities in hospitals.
  • Promote the culture of innovation and creativity in hospitals and medical practices.
  • Improve healthcare quality and patient care around the world .
  • Reduce medical errors.
  • Lower cost of healthcare worldwide
  • Strengthen collaboration between physicians, administrators and hospitals worldwide
  • Enhance international medical training programs.
  • To address the viability of capital and funding for our initiatives in hospitals worldwide.
  • Certify Green Hospitals under the standards developed by the Green Hospital Initiative, in conjunction with other organizations and Green Councils. These hospitals have not only achieved regulatory compliance, but have gone above and beyond in the areas of waste management, energy and water use reduction, pollution prevention and other sustainable practices.
  • To discuss and evaluate initiatives to incorporate environmentally preferable purchasing in healthcare and group purchasing organizations.

Hospital 2020 has developed different tools to aid in the implementation of its initiatives into hospitals and medical practices worldwide.










    Hospital 2020 Tools


  • Hospital  2020  Onsite Training Programs.
  • Members interaction that allows hospital professionals and stakeholders to ask technical questions and receive advice and feedback from their peers.
  • Monthly webinars for Hospital 2020 Partners where expert speakers address practical solutions to the many challenges faced by today’s hospital facilities.
  • A monthly E - newsletter, Hospital 2020 , that includes our hospitals and medical practice Partner’s success story in dealing with challenges or the adoption of a new initiatives , information about our upcoming webinars , and a variety of other features.
  • Hospital 2020 Events and Conferences.
  • Hospital 2020 to Recognize Certified Green Hospitals
  • International hospitals& medical practices tours and site visits (Hospital 2020 Tours)
  • Hospital 2020 Alliance program
  • Hospital 2020 Awards program
  • Hospital 2020 Hospital Tour program
  • Accredited Hospital 2020 Program

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